What is my Association’s Homeowner Portal?

Homeowners can use the Association’s Homeowner Portal to access Association related documents, view account balances, make payments online, enter and track service requests, view a community calendar and directly send questions and inquiries to Common Interest Management Services. 

How do I register for my Association’s Homeowner Portal?

By mail or email (based upon your prior preference), you will receive your homeowner account number and a portal registration key from Common Interest Management Services.  With the portal registration key, you can go to “Sign-Up” on this page to register.  If you do not have a portal registration key, click on “I do not have a valid key”. 

What if I cannot register for my Association’s Homeowner Portal?

Email customerservice@commoninterest.com and include your name and property address.

Can I pay my assessments online?

Once you are logged into the Homeowner Portal, select the “Make a Payment” button to be directed to our secure payment processing service.

I own multiple properties and/or I am a member of a Community Association that has a Master Association. How do I see and manage both of my accounts in the Homeowner Portal?

You will receive a separate Registration Key for each property. Use either Registration Key to access the Homeowner Portal.  NOTE:  You cannot create multiple logins with the same email address.

If your accounts have the same mailing address and Owner Name, they should be linked.  If they are not linked, once you are logged into the Homeowner Portal, you can submit a request to have CIMS link your accounts.  Please provide details of the Association names and account numbers you would like to link, and let us know what your mailing address is, if it is not already the same on all accounts.

How do I contact Common Interest Management Services (CIMS)? 

Once you have logged into the Homeowner Portal, you can perform a variety of activities, including submitting requests directly to CIMS.  For more detail and instructions, you can access the FAQ once you are logged into the portal.  To access the FAQ in the portal, go to the upper right corner drop down menu and selecting FAQ.